Happy New Year

Posted On December 31, 2008

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The deadline to have your Secret Paws package in the mail was December 31st.

If you have NOT MAILED your package yet, please send me an e-mail.   Let me know if you will still be sending the package or if you cannot.  My e-mail: morgen1967 at gmail dot com

For those of you who have not received a package yet,  please be patient.  I am trying to track down information.


Uncle Mo


Happy Holidays

Posted On December 23, 2008

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Happy Holidays to all

Secret Paws participants!

DKM & Uncle Mo


Posted On December 15, 2008

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Some questions that I’ve been asked a couple times about Secret Paws:

Is the $10 limit per animal or per household? Actually it’s per household or entry.  If you entered as individuals in multi-cat house then each individual entry can spend $7-$10.  If all the kitties in your house signed up together then it’s $7-$10 for the whole house.  This is a fun event, not meant to stress anyone (or anyone’s wallet!)

Do I reveal who the package is sent from? That’s totally up to you.  The first one I ever received revealed who it was from, so I’ve always sent out mine with a note saying it was from The Purries. But it’s your call – if you want it to be from a SECRET “secret” paw, that’s fine.

Hope this helps.  If you have other questions, you can leave ’em in a comment here, and I’ll try to answer.

A reminder: if you signed up for Secret Paws and have discovered you’re unable to send a gift, PLEASE notify me by e-mail ASAP so your Paw can get a gift.  (my e-mail =Morgen1967 at gmail dot com)


Uncle Mo

Detective Update

Posted On December 9, 2008

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Hello Secret Paws!

I’ve matched up lots of Secret Paws with their blog’s urls (thanks to everyone who sent them to me!)

I still have a request out for one.

If anyone could help identify them, that would be great.

When you e-mail me, PLEASE send the pet name AND the url. Just one or the other requires extra detection work, and my inner Sherlock Holmes is getting a workout!

My e-mail: Morgen1967 @ gmail dot com

Paws I have specific requests for their urls:

Piper, Buddy, and Beauty Tomasovic – cats in Durham, New York

If there’s a blog url you want me to track down, please send an e-mail.


Uncle Mo

Note From Uncle Mo

Posted On December 8, 2008

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Hello Secret Paws participants –  all the Secret Paws match-up e-mails have been sent out.  If you did not get one, please contact Morgen1967 at gmail dot com right away so I can figure it out.  Thanks!

NOTE: I have been getting lots of requests for blog urls to go with the Secret Paws. If you have signed up to participate, can you send your blog url (if you have one) along with the names of the pets associated with that blog to Morgen1967 at gmail dot com, and I will try to hook you all up!
Uncle Mo

Swap names

Posted On December 4, 2008

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Sorry for the delay – swap names will be out this weekend!

Secret Paws!

Posted On October 26, 2008

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Diva Kitty & the Fluffies and Uncle Mo would like to invite you to join us for a fun celebration of the season by participating in Winter Secret Paws. It’s kind of like having a secret pal or secret Santa.

Last year we had over 400 participants from 10 different countries! 

Secret Paw – How it works

You send us your information, we’ll swap it with another secret paw and you’ll receive a goodie from your secret paw in the mail by December 31st.

The Rules:

If you are not in the US – That’s OK. We’re going to try to match up Secret Paws in appropriate countries.

  • Please keep the gift to $7-$10 max. Our hope is not to make people feel like they have to purchase something big. A card, homemade item or can of Stinky Goodness will work. We just want to have FUN!
  • If you cannot send your paw – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know by December 15th so we can arrange for your paw to get a gift. We’re going to have some back-up paws this go around.
  • Please email us at secretpaws@gmail.com the following information:
    1. Your Name– you can participate as a family for multiple pet and human homes or as individual pets. If you play as individuals then each pet in the house is a participant. For example we can either be (1) group as Diva Kitty and the Fluffies or (3) individuals as Sophia, Fiona and Orlando
    2. Your Mailing Address – Mom will keep this information and will only share it with your selected secret paw. She promised me not to sell them to the highest bidder
    3. What type of fluffy are you– Cat, Wolfie, Rattie, Bunny, Hammie, Horse…
    4. Your favorite color – swap buddies will be sent your favorite color as a guide for getting your goodies!
    5. Swap Preference – If you want to swap with your own species please let us know. So if you’re a cat and you want to swap with a cat – tell us.
    6. Anything special you’d like your Secret Paw to know. It helps you paw know what to shop for if you let them know what you like and dislike!

So if I were submitting mine it would look like:

Fiona Bun
PO Box 1621 Benicia CA 94510
Will swap with anyone
I like banana chips, dried mango and tearing apart Mom’s baseboards. I don’t like having my nails trimmed!


  • Please send Mom an email with the above information by November 24, 2008 AT 11:59PM P. T. DKM & Mo will partner everyone up and send you via email your Secret Paw by December 1st.
  • Please send your Secret Paw a small fun item (cost $7-$10) by December 31, 2008.


We’ve also set up a NEW Secret Paws Blog. Once you send me or Mom you email address we will send you the log in information. There you can post messages to your Secret Paws, post a picture of your goodies or whatever.

The blog address is https://secretpaw.wordpress.com/

Meow and Binkies All!
Sophia, Fiona, Orlando, DKM & Uncle Mo