Happy Holidays

Posted On December 23, 2008

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Happy Holidays to all

Secret Paws participants!

DKM & Uncle Mo


6 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Miss Bonita

    Thank you so much Sasha, Emma Sue and Toby for my Secret Paws gifts! I just love them. Go to my Facebook page to see a pic of me enjoying a nibble from my salad bowl: http://apps.facebook.com/rodentbook/profile/view/5271582

  2. Toby Cat

    Shadow! Dude! Thank you so much for my wonderful Secret Paws gifts. My favorite is the little turquoise fuzzy bug–he drives me crazy! I actually had to hiss, spit and slap Riley Dog away because I love my stuff so much! It’s snowing here in Colorado, so I’m getting ready to curl up on my new blanket. Thank you, my Secret Paws buddy! Here’s a link to my Catbook page: http://apps.facebook.com/catbook/profile/view/5248218

    PS—Mommy says “thank you” for her little box of chocolates. I decided that she could have them, so I didn’t spit and hiss at her when she took them out of MY box.

  3. Riley Dog

    Thank you to Fara Terv for my wonderful Secret Paws gifts. I love the yummie bacon/cheese biscuits and they are the perfect size for me. I also LOVE! my new stuffie with squeeks! When Toby Cat heard me playing with it, I had to run thru the house real fast with it so he wouldn’t try and steal it. I also had to run real fast to keep Mommy from taking my picture with the lightning thing. Thanks for being my Secret Paws!

    PS—Go to my Dogbook page to see me playing with my toy: http://apps.facebook.com/dogbook/profile/view/4565559

  4. vampy Vic

    Mega happy Holidays to Dkm and your families and Uncle Mo and yours also!
    Thank You for adding so much fun for so many kitties this season 🙂


  5. CrAzY Working Mom

    Thanks for doing this, Uncle Mo. Oscar loved his toys he got from Mini, his secret paw. I think he’s developed a small crush. 😀

  6. Dr Tweety

    Tanks youa all fur dis wonderful ting. I haz a problum.. I cannots find Piper, my Secret Paw who sents me giftsez. Iz dere a Web site????

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