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Posted On December 9, 2008

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Hello Secret Paws!

I’ve matched up lots of Secret Paws with their blog’s urls (thanks to everyone who sent them to me!)

I still have a request out for one.

If anyone could help identify them, that would be great.

When you e-mail me, PLEASE send the pet name AND the url. Just one or the other requires extra detection work, and my inner Sherlock Holmes is getting a workout!

My e-mail: Morgen1967 @ gmail dot com

Paws I have specific requests for their urls:

Piper, Buddy, and Beauty Tomasovic – cats in Durham, New York

If there’s a blog url you want me to track down, please send an e-mail.


Uncle Mo


18 Responses to “Detective Update”

  1. Victor Tabbycat

    The McKitten Cats are Jasper et al!

  2. Victor Tabbycat

    Sebastian, Yaffa and Dante is aka MEEMSNYC


  3. Chance

    Sebastian, Yaffa, & Dante –

    Toulouse –

    Those are the only ones I have. Hope it helps!

  4. The Island Cats

    We think the McKitten Cats are Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear and Maggie all located at

    Also we have a question…when we send out gift to our Secret Paws, are we suppose to tell them who it’s from…or will we reveal that at another time??

  5. Nemo

    I’m guessing the Nemo in Iowa is me. Me and my sister Patches share our blog as stated above it is.

  6. The Meezers

    Hansel is Tesla’s new little brother:

  7. The Cat Realm

    There is a Hansel living with Tesla – maybe that’s him?

  8. Derby

    Is Hansel the new brofur of Tesla at


  9. Everycat

    There is a cat called Pixel who posts on the CB. We don’t know if she is from Texas though

    Alsooooo, Skeezix did an interview with a Pixel from Texas a while ago: –

    Sorry, I don’t know how to make links into hyperlinks on here 😦

    Wuudler and his incompetent ape

  10. secretpaw

    Everycat – you are AWESOME!
    The catster Pixel is the one I was searching for!
    Thanks SO much!!!
    ~ Uncle Mo

  11. Pasha's Minion

    The Evil Pasha Williams has ordered that I should use my “powers of the typing” to let his subjects know he is not yet a member of the Bloggerati. He conveys that he is seeking new minions with better computer skills to remedy this oversight.
    Subjects wishing to send him personal kowtows may contact him at this minion’s email.
    Tiercel @ earthlink . net (minus the spaces)

    Elaine W. (head minion)

  12. Nemo

    oops..I posted to the wrong note…here’s my url

    (mom’s thinking about changing my title since I’m not a kitten anymore, she’s open for suggestions!)

  13. Everycat

    The Fluffy Tribe mention cousins in upstate New York on their post for 12 October 2007 “Vishus Deer Report”

    They do have an email in their Profile, and their Mom appears to have an Etsy store, so maybe they would know more?

    Whicky Wuudler

  14. Everycat

    alsoooooo….. Piper, Buddy and Beauty are mentioned on the same blog (with pictures of them) here..

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007
    Kimo & Sabi’s Ear Tuft Questions…

    Whicky Wuudler

  15. Molly , Shadow ,and Troo

    Yup dats them! The mom talked to their mom today! She doesnt has a blog but has piccys of them on facebook she said. 🙂

  16. Buddy, Beauty, and Piper

    I hear you are looking for a blog for my pets. I don’t have a blog but there are picts of my cats up on my sisters blog at:

  17. Buddy, Beauty, and Piper

    My sister is putting up picts of us (Buddy, Beauty, and Piper) today at:

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